Prompt 1

  1. Memory plays a very large role in the storylines of each of the works. In Haroun and the Sea, Rashid forgets how to tell stories due to his wife leaving and none of the towns remember their names. In Spirited away, Yubaba basically steals the memories of the servants by taking their names. If they forgot their names, then their memory was erased, as well. For both stories, the plot is driven by the role of memory. For Haroun, he goes on this journey in order to restore his father’s story telling ability where as, in Spirited Away, Chihiro, or Sen, has to remember her name in order to get her parents back. To add on, in Haroun, his father forgets due to his son and wife telling him that the stories that he tells aren’t real, in which case, when Rashid loses his memory of telling stories, it’s also a form of identity loss like with Chihiro. In which case, memory for both stories are kind of a metaphor for identity. When Chihiro’s name gets taken and when Rashid’s hope gets lost and the town’s forget their names, thats a form of identity loss. So overall, both stories have themes that show that by losing your memory, you also lose your identity because your entire identity is based off of your memories.
  2. In my opinion, Spirited Away captures the challenges of maturation the best. This is because one of the biggest challenges of maturation is being thrown into thing. In Chihiro’s case, she didn’t want to take part in any of the events at the beginning, she was thrown into all of it. First off, her parent’s made her move, then they wanted to enter the tunnel when she just wanted to leave, and then after they ate all the food and turned into pigs, she was left completely alone. To add on, she was a complete brat at the beginning of the film. It was obvious that she never had to deal with any hardships, but her personality changes by the end of the film. By then, she was way more mature of a person and had a brighter outlook on the move. This is all due to how much she had to handle alone through the course of the film. Another challenge in maturation is having to do things on your own. She could have just sat and cried by the river and disappeared, but she didn’t, she listened to Haku, got herself a job, and had to live in this unknown world where her parents were pigs and she had no other family. And by doing all of that, she also managed to get her memory back and her parents. Chihiro went through many challenges that a twelve year old girl should never face alone and that’s why Spirited Away captures it so well.