Prompt 1

A. Barrie’s representation of Wendy does not change through the course of the book. Through the character of Wendy, women are represented as the mom figure throughout the book. She acts motherly towards her brothers and, overall, acts older than she is. By the end of the book, she grows up and becomes a mother and so does her daughter and so on. In opposition, Peter stays young and gets to run around having fun, but wendy and her daughter and grand daughter only get to experience fun when Peter is around before they have to grow up and take care of their children. It makes it out to seem that their duty overall is to just be mothers. On page 265, Peter event thinks about how Wendy was “only a woman now” as if to say, she’s boring now that she has lost her childhood.

B. The ending of the story gives a very depressing message about childhood. Overall, it states that, when you grow older, you begin to lose memories and your imagination and at some point, you won’t even be sure that certain things happened, such as with Wendy’s brothers with Peter. It is very heartless in a sense of how blunt Barrie is to show how easily adults give up on memories. In which case, the story is very sad because of all of this. These children get to experience these wonderful adventures and then end up forgetting about them, assuming it’s all a dream and that Pater never happened.

Prompt 2

A. I feel like the adaption is just an exaggeration of the original. It seems as if it makes the story out to be more realistic, as opposed to the sugar-coated original.  It features cursing, nudity, and other adult themes that the original does not possess, but it still looks very similar to the original, just more dark. If I were a librarian, I would suggest the book be for the middle school age range, if anything. I’m all for un-censoring books towards children, but society standards would probably not allow for this to be for elementary children due to the dark content it possesses.

B. I do think this dark content is occurring in other genres. This, I believe, is due to the time periods that the originals came out and then the follow up with the prequels. Many other content, such as the batman trilogy were originally released during a more conservative time period when censoring was more of an issue. However, as I stated in my first blog post, we’re becoming more open-minded as a society in a sense that we’re okay with releasing more sensitive material as opposed to years ago. I also believe doing this is more popular in a contemporary society because, at this point in time, society is growing bored of the censored material and are wanting more interesting subjects, such as the idea of a darker Peter Pan. When I found out about this version, I grew very interested because of how different it is from the Peter Pan I grew up with.